The best Halloween Superhero Costume

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One of the most popular costume to wear during Halloween is a superhero costume. Many superhero costumes have been a big hit among trick-or-treaters, but which have been the most popular?

Even those who don’t like superheroes enjoy wearing a superhero costume. Of course the most popular mainstream superheroes are the common costumes that are worn. But other superheroes who have many die-hard fans also have found their way into the October celebration.

Superman – Even if you’ve never read a comic book or seen a superhero movie in your life, you’ve heard of, and probably like Superman at least a little bit. There have been some good Superman costumes, and there have been some bad ones. The Superman costumes with the fake muscles are going a little overboard, but they sure help out those of us who have a smaller frame. Like several other superhero costumes, you might want to think twice about wearing it since it’s basically full-body underwear.

Batman – This is similar to the previous costume (unless you have a very elaborate and expensive Christian Bale version), but you can add some flavor to it by wearing some accessories. There’s lots of variations of the Batman utility belt, and you can choose whether or not to wear the bat gauntlets.

Iron Man – This obviously has not been as popular until just recently. Some of the Iron Man costumes that came out just after the first movie were pretty pathetic-looking, but the Halloween 2010 version have improved a lot. There are some that actually look metallic and have great-looking helmets like the one Robert Downy, Jr. wears in the movies. Others are based more on the comic book and TV show versions of the suit. It’s tough to go wrong with this superhero costume.

Spider-Man – This may actually be the most popular superhero costume to date. Most of the variations are pretty similar, with differences existing usually only in the presence of fake muscles and how big the eye-holes are. The coolest version is the black symbiote costume.

Wonder Woman – This is by far the most popular female superhero costume. Some are a little more revealing than others, but most of these are pretty much the same.

There are other costumes that you’d think would be a little more popular due to their big screen appearance. The X-Men don’t wear costumes in the movies that would make them recognizable by those who aren’t superhero fans. Some comic book/TV show Wolverine costumes are around, but there’s a reason he didn’t wear that version in the movies. Punisher doesn’t have much more than a skull t-shirt, and there isn’t a Daredevil costume available for purchase. Fans are left to making their own costumes based on these characters.

A few superhero costumes that should get some more sales soon are Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America. Let’s hope whichever companies sell them make them accurate.

Written by Jack Stewart, member of the Superhero Legacy team. Like superheroes? Click on the following link to find more: Superhero Legacy []

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