What is Craving and Why Do You Have Them?

chocolate spoon

You’re at home watching your favorite Netflix show. You get the sudden urge to scarf down some ice cream, or maybe it’s French fries or chips that you crave. You may even think that life cannot go on without taking a bite of that juicy burger you’ve been salivating over. These are called cravings. Let’s clear one thing up right out of the gate: cravings and hunger are not the same thing. Saying that craving something and being hungry are the same is like saying that fast food is healthy;…

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Inspiration – Make Change

Every neuron in our brain changes, so why don’t we change externally, making an action to change one objective at a time. Our brain grows every time we learn something new, or do something different. But if you stop progressing then you have given up. We can’t stop no matter what challenge is in our way. We must move loud, proud, and together. While we are changing internally though our mind, our creations grow stronger with a bond that becomes unbreakable. But no one will see these creations if we…

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