Achieving Your Goals is Easy When You Know How

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Setting and achieving goals is easy. Far too many people have made a complicated science out of it with all sorts of rules and methodologies to be followed when setting them.

I am sure we all know about SMART goals and the many variations depending on which author or coach you are reading or using. They all have a set process to be followed with various things to do along the way. But setting and achieving goals is really very simple and can be broken down into 3 very basic steps.

Decide what you want. What is it you want to be, get, have or achieve? Make a list of these and then really think about them. Are they what you really want? Are you really prepared to put in the time and effort to achieve them? Do you want them so badly that you are ready to put everything else on hold until you get your goal? If you don’t want them badly enough to do all of this then even thinking about pursuing them will just be a waste of your time and effort. So many people fail before they even start because they choose goals to go after that with more analysis and introspection they would have realised they don’t really want. This just leads to frustration as they don’t understand why they never seem to get anywhere near achieving their goal and then conclude goal setting simply doesn’t work. So, decide what you want and make sure it really is what you want. Then write it down.
Make a plan to get what it is you want. This is very simple. Decide what you need to do and in what order it all needs to be done and write it down. Put your plan of action down on paper where you can track your progress. Make it as detailed as possible. The more detail there is the easier it is to monitor your progress towards it. And if you are able to see each day that you are making progress this helps to keep your motivation high.
Put your plan into action as soon as you have finished it. Don’t wait. Nothing happens without action, so get going. Do at least 2 things each day that will bring you closer to achieving your goals even if they are only something very small. It doesn’t matter as a long as you are doing something positive to move you closer to your goals every day you will achieve them.
So there you have it. A very simple and straight forward approach to setting and achieving your goals – Decide what you want, make a plan to get it and then put your plan into action. Everything else is just commentary, as they say.

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